Santamarias Night Walk Tour

Santamarias Family

We are a small family business located in Monteverde! The property has been owned by the Santamaria’s family since 1948, but our project to protect the environment began in 2005.Our love for nature takes us further, to discover the sounds of dusk and discover the night life of the forest. Our main goal is that you can experience walking in the woods at night.

On the property, which is around 6 hectares, we can enjoy a wide variety of fauna, mammals such as the Sloth, Raccoons, Coatis, Coyotes, Agoutis, Amphibians, Snakes and day and night insects. In addition, the flora, our forest has a transition rain forest with primary and secondary forest, where we can appreciate the famous Ficus trees, we also have small coffee plantations, sugar cane and a wide variety of bananas. During the route of the walk you can see the transition from day to night, we can see the awakening of nocturnal animals, listen and observe the night life. Do not hesitate, taking a night walk is a new experience that no one should tell you about